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Asset Protection Planning

Are you or your family members prepared to pay for long-term care? One of the biggest fears of seniors today is running out of money because of nursing home costs.  Through our unique and proven Medicaid Planning strategies, Segelke Financial Group can help you protect your life savings while still getting the care you need.


Medicaid is a federal entitlement program managed by the states to pay for things like long-term care.  Most people think Medicaid is a program reserved for the poor, but in reality, its open to anyone as long as you qualify. Through our network of Medicaid Planning experts and attorneys, we can provide you with a customized strategy to help you qualify for Medicaid funding.


This strategy will allow you to:


  • Obtain funding for long-term care

  • Shelter & preserve your assets for those you love

  • Provide for a healthy spouse


There’s no better time to plan for long term care than when you’re healthy.


If you think Medicaid Planning would benefit you or one of your family members, please contact us to set up a consultation or check our EVENT CALENDAR for upcoming workshops.

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